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Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Brush Creek Community Center

3801 Emmanuel Cleaver II Blvd, Kansas City, Missouri 64130

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

6:00 - 7:30 p.m.


A Journey through the American Civil Rights Movement

The Kansas City Department of Parks and Recreation is planning a cultural heritage trail comprising plazas featuring art and interpretive signs about the American Civil Rights Movement and the Black experience in Kansas City, and we need your help.

Project Overview

The Brush Creek Cultural Heritage Corridor Trail is envisioned to be a series of interconnected nodes that tell the story of the American Civil Rights Movement and the Black experience in Kansas City through art installations.


This trail will highlight individuals and events from this movement as a way to move forward, feel a sense of healing, and draw a local, national, and international audience where people can reflect, meditate, and grieve.

Artwork will be a key component to convey this important historical record. Interpretational materials at the nodes will be designed and installed to help further educate about the American Civil Rights Movement and Black experience in Kansas City.

It's time to tell the story

Project Elements

To plan this cultural experience, multiple elements are being considered

and we need your help.


Cultural Heritage Element Themes

In-depth research is being conducted to determine 14 important themes of the American Civil Rights Movement and Black experience in Kansas City. These themes will be illustrated along the trail through the use of public art installations, historic speeches, photographs, and more.



Fourteen sites along the trail will be selected through the planning process. These sites will be the locations of the cultural heritage elements, and will be chosen based on their prominence, context, topography, and views.


Public Art Installations

Due to the extraordinary significance of this corridor trail's planning, a call for artists will be released. This corridor trail will include art installations from submitting artists that will illustrate or represent the various selected American Civil Rights Movement themes. 


Branding & Naming

Overall branding and naming of the Brush Creek Cultural Heritage Corridor Trail will be developed through the planning process. Branding elements will specifically be integrated into signage along the corridor trail.


Help us by identifying the trail's cultural heritage elements.

What American Civil Rights Movement – tied to the Black experience in Kansas City – events, elements, or people should be illustrated along the trail? Please submit your ideas via this form to help us program the corridor trail experience. You may submit multiple entries by refreshing this webpage. Some example submissions include: the Rosa Parks story; Community Activist Alvin Lee Sykes; and Wheatley-Provident Hospital, which served the Black community in Kansas City from 1902 to 1972.

Cultural Heritage Element Idea Submission Form

Community Engagement

Project Engagement

Community events will be held throughout the duration of the project to update the public and to garner feedback. Please click the link below to learn about our engagement efforts!


Project Timeline 

Community Engagement

January - August 2023

Cultural Heritage Element Theme Development

February - May 2023

Public Art Installations - Call for Artists

April - August 2023



January - April 2023

Branding and Naming

January - June 2023


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Project Partners

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Project Partners

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